Jan Sjåvik

Professor Emeritus


Ph.D. Harvard University, 1979
Curriculum Vitae (181.13 KB)

Jan Sjåvik combines the study of critical theory with that of Scandinavian and especially Norwegian literature. He has been particularly interested in such theorists as Stanley Fish, Richard Rorty and Donald Davidson, and has written about the Norwegian authors Arne Garborg, Knut Hamsun, Ole E. Rølvaag, and others. His book Reading for the Truth, a study of works by Hamsun, Garborg, Rølvaag, and others, was published in 2004. His most recent book is Historical Dictionary of Norway (Lanham, Md.: Scarecrow Press, 2008).


  • An Introduction to Norwegian Literary and Cultural History
  • The Plays of Henrik Ibsen 
  • Masterpieces of Scandinavian Literature
  • Literary Theory 
  • The Norwegian Short Story
  • Kierkegaard
  • Knut Hamsun



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