Scandinavian Studies

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Graduate Student
Former Graduate Student, Former Ruth Kielland-Leif and Sophie Løvdal Fellow
Master of Arts, Spring 2012
Baltic and Nordic Studies Librarian, University Libraries
Master of Arts (MA)
Ia Dubois
Senior Lecturer and Undergraduate Adviser
Visiting Lecturer of Finnish
Professor Emerita and Barbro Osher Endowed Chair of Swedish Studies
Former Visiting Lecturer of Finnish, 2012-2014
Affiliate Associate Professor
Professor; Director, Center for West European Studies; Chair, Hellenic Studies Program
Visiting Lecturer of Finnish
Master of Arts, Spring 2010
Affiliate Professor
Former Lecturer
Former Graduate Student and Swedish TA
Former Graduate Student
Terje Leiren
Professor of Scandinavian Studies, Sverre Arestad Endowed Chair in Norwegian Studies
Former Graduate Student
Affiliate Assistant Professor
Nordic Studies Librarian/Assistant Instruction Coordinator
Department Chair, Professor
Affiliate Faculty
Former Department Administrator
Graduate Student, On Leave
Graduate Student, Finnish TA
Affiliate Assistant Professor
photo of maxine savage
Graduate Student
Former Graduate Student, Swedish & Large Enrollment TA
Graduate Student,
Professor Emeritus
Kazickas Family Endowed Professor in Baltic Studies; Associate Professor of Baltic Studies; Head, Baltic Studies Program
Stecher photo
Graduate Program Coordinator; Professor
Graduate Student, On Leave
Former Graduate Student