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Sweden and the Holocaust in the films of Roy Andersson

Submitted by Andrew Nestingen on February 9, 2016 - 11:03am
  • Fulbright Fellow Julianne Yang and Professor Marianne Stecher
    Fulbright Fellow Julianne Yang and Professor Marianne Stecher

How has Swedish cinema represented Sweden's role in the Second World War? Julianne Yang will give a guest lecture in the Scandinavian Studies Department focusing on Swedish director Roy Andersson and his various efforts to critique Sweden's image as a neutral "bystander country" during the war. Andersson's short film "World of Glory" (1991) will be discussed in light of changing attitudes towards the war in Sweden and Europe during the early 1990s. The guest lecture will be held in the course SCAND 445/JSIS A 442: War and Occupation at 1:30PM  on Wednesday, February 10th in Thompson Hall 134. 

Julianne Q. M. Yang is a second-year PhD fellow from The University of Oslo doing research on contemporary Scandinavian cinema and TV. From January to March 2016, she is a Fulbright visiting graduate researcher at the Scandinavian Studies Department. Yang graduated from the Department of Comparative Literature at The University of Hong Kong, where she wrote her MPhil dissertation on Swedish director Roy Andersson.