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Bradley Harmon

Graduate Student

Contact Information

RAI 108 B


B.A., German, Scandinavian & Dutch, University of Minnesota, 2017

I am interested in poetry in any and all forms, in any and all languages. I am motivated by how poetry and poetic language exist simultaneously at the periphery and center of literature, society, and the mind, and how poems dwell within and extend beyond these limits. Thus, my primary foci are the intersections of poetry and philosophy (existentialism, phenomenology, as well as cognition, broadly defined). In addition to exploring the experience(s) of poetry, how poetry embodies experience, and how reading poetry as a unique intellective activity, I am further interested in borders, limits, silence, “nothing,” and concepts of ineffability and unspeakability. In a broader sense, I'm working to elucidate existential questions at the intersection(s) of philosophy, cultural studies, and literary and visual texts. My research is primarily in modern Swedish and German literature, with a growing interest in English, Russian, and French traditions. I have also worked on questions of nation, identity, memory and temporality in Scandinavian cinema and prose. The connection with popular culture and the public at large underlies all these questions.

Off campus, I enjoy rowing, hiking, running, spazieren gehen, cats, dogs, and water. I often teach continuing Swedish classes at the Nordic Museum with the Scandinavian Language Institute. I grew up on a farm in Minnesota. My favorite book is The Waves by Virginia Woolf.