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Evan Wright
Evan Wright successfullly defended his PhD Dissertation Ploughshares to Processors -- An Ecological critique of Technology in Post-War Finnish and American Literature on 17 March 2016. The dissertation studies what Wright calls "symbolic ecologies" in Finnish, American, and Scandinavian literature since 1945, finding key similarities in their figurative repertoires. The dissertation studies in particular the way figurative language combines human activity, technology, the land, and the non-human. Such clusters of symbols make evident and construct salient notions about the... Read more
Ilmari Ivaska
The Society for the Study of Finnish (Kotikielen Seura) has awarded its Outstanding Dissertation Prize for 2016 to Finnish lecturer Ilmari Ivaska. Ivaska defended his dissertation in 2015 at the University of Turku, Finland. In the dissertation ”Edistyneen oppijansuomen konstruktiopiirteitä korpusvetoisesti: avainrakenneanalyysi” (’A Corpus-Driven Approach towards Constructional Features of Advanced Learner Finnish: Key Structure Analysis’), Ivaska studies linguistic use of automatic data mining methodologies and their applications to teaching and study of Finnish as a second language. Ivaska... Read more
Wade Hollingshaus
Wade Hollingshaus spoke on Finnish artist Erkki Kurenniemi on 25 February 2016. Kurenniemi has been a lively and provocative performance artist, musician, composer, filmmaker, early computer prograrmer, and inventor since the 1960s. He has built an archive of his activities and work, which seeks to record the totality of his life. On his 107th birthday, in 2048, Kurennienmi has given instructions that this acthival material be used to resurrect him as  a new consciousness. Hollinghaus' lecture... Read more
Liina-Ly Roos
The Estonian Program's PhD student Liina-Ly Roos organized a special celebration of Estonian Independence and the Estonian Song Festival in the Odegaard Library at the University of Washington on 24 Feburary 2016. The celebration also marked the opening of an exhibit of photographs in Odegaard from the Estonian National Song Festival, a choral fesival held in Tallinn, Estonia every five years, featuring a mass choir of some 30,000 participants. The... Read more
Professor Lotta Gavel Adams at the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Studies (r)
“This diary must never be published! This is my last will! And it must be obeyed!” August Strindberg wrote these words on the cover of a diary he kept from 1896 to 1908, the so-called Occult Diary, which chronicled not only his intellectual, spiritual, and artistic reorientation of the 1890s, but his passionate and all-consuming love affair and marriage to his third wife, the actress Harriet Bosse, 30 years his junior. Professor Gavel Adams spoke on Strindberg’s Occult Diary at the Swedish... Read more
Mark Mussari
Scandinavian Studies Department alum Mark Mussari has published a new book, Danish Modern, with Bloomsbury. Dr. Mussari is an independent scholar, freelance writer, literary translator and consultant living in Tuscon, AZ. Danish Modern explores the development of mid-century modernist design in Denmark from historical, analytical and theoretical perspectives.The book explores the relationship between Danish design aesthetics and the theoretical... Read more
University Prep High School Students
A group of nine University Prep high school students and two faculty are preparing for a two-week exchange to Prienai, Lithuania in early April this year.  On February 8, they visited the UW Library where  Michael Biggins introduced them to the library's collection of Lithuanian books.  Lithuanian Lecturer Aušra Valančiauskienė and Associate Professor Guntis Šmidchens discussed Lithuania's history, culture and current events, and assisted the students in their study of the region.
Jarkko Sipilä
Renowned Finnish crime writer Jarkko Sipilä will visit the Puget Sound on Thursday, March 10th. Sipilä will speak to UW students at 1:30PM in Anderson Hall 223. Sipilä will also discuss his novels at ... Read more
Assistant Professor Olivia Gunn and PhD Student Liina-Ly Roos
Assistant Professor of Scandianvian Studies and Norwegian, Olivia Gunn, began her appointment at the UW in autumn quarter 2015. Olivia earned her PhD (2012) in comparative literature from the University of California at Irvine after completing a dissertation on Henrik Ibsen, Realism, and the French Symbolist theatre. She is originally from Seattle and was once a student in the department (BA in Norwegian, 2002). She is very happy to be home. What follows is an interview with Olivia by department Ph.D. student Liina-Ly Roos. Liina-Ly's research areas include Scandinavian and Baltic literature... Read more
Fulbright Fellow Julianne Yang and Professor Marianne Stecher
How has Swedish cinema represented Sweden's role in the Second World War? Julianne Yang will give a guest lecture in the Scandinavian Studies Department focusing on Swedish director Roy Andersson and his various efforts to critique Sweden's image as a neutral "bystander country" during the war. Andersson's short film "World of Glory" (1991) will be discussed in light of changing attitudes towards the war in Sweden and Europe during the early 1990s. The guest lecture will be held in the course SCAND 445/JSIS A 442: War and Occupation at 1:30PM  on Wednesday, February 10th in Thompson... Read more