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Eriks Esenvalds People of the North: Creating the Nordic Light Symphony brings Latvian composer to UW May 17, 2017
Mimi Nielsen Mimi Nielsen awarded SWEA San Francisco Scholarship May 17, 2017
Ilmari Lecturer Ilmari Ivaska named Researcher of the Month by The Language Bank of Finland May 16, 2017
Graduation Reception on June 8, 2017 May 4, 2017
andy Department Professor and Chair Andrew Nestingen defends funding for the humanities in Seattle Times op-ed March 29, 2017
Senator Patty Murray with Jon Hiskes, Lela Hilton, and Andrew Nestingen Lobbying for the Humanities and Foreign Language on Capitol Hill March 20, 2017
Undergraduate Danish minor Gabriela Capestany discusses Hygge for KCTS9 February 17, 2017
stig Visiting Scholar: Stig Tenold February 16, 2017
Ilmari Ilmari Ivaska awarded Kari Sajavaara dissertation prize January 20, 2017
Kristian Kristian Næsby Cracks the Code to Making Danish Friends in  The Murmur December 1, 2016
Mimi Inspired by Scholarship: Mimi Nielsen  November 17, 2016
Thomas Kovach Thomas Kovach: Inspired by Scholarship in Uppsala November 15, 2016
Riddu Riddu Graduate student Karin Eriksson visits Arctic Europe November 15, 2016
Graduate Student Maxine Savage moderating a literature discussion at Taste of Iceland Members of UW Scandinavian Studies moderate literature discussion in KEXP radio broadcast for Taste of Iceland October 27, 2016
grad reception Join us for the Scandinavian Studies Alumni Reception October 14, 2016
Professor Christine Ingebritsen Christine Ingebritsen: Understanding Scandinavian Small States Helps Us Understand Brexit July 25, 2016
Britain leaves the EU: A small state of mind | The Seattle Times July 22, 2016
Nordic Leaders and President Obama (WH Photo, C. Kennedy) Nordic Leaders Meet with President Obama May 14, 2016
Liina - Ly Roos Liina-Ly Roos Awarded Nadia Christensen Award for Excellence in Nordic Studies May 12, 2016
From Convergence to Conflict: Labor Markets and the Instability of the Euro Alum Focus, Alison Johnston: Seattle, Stockholm, London, Corvallis May 11, 2016
Karen Eriksson Karin Eriksson Receives Antoinette Wills Endowed Scholarship, 2016-17 May 9, 2016
photo of liina-ly Liina-Ly Roos Awarded Chester William Fritz Scholarship for 2016-17 May 9, 2016
Anna Ruhl Anna  Rühl  Awarded Aurora Borealis Prize, 2016 May 9, 2016
Kiruna, Sweden Voting for the Scandinavian Studies Photo Contest in now open! May 6, 2016
Kristina Legangar Iversen Reading Scand Guilt in Contemporary Poetry  April 18, 2016