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University Prep High School Students Visiting University Prep Highschool Students February 17, 2016
Jarkko Sipilä Finnish Crime Writer Jarkko Sipilä in Seattle, March 10, 2016 February 9, 2016
Assistant Professor Olivia Gunn and PhD Student Liina-Ly Roos Faculty Spotlight: Assistant Professor Olivia Gunn February 9, 2016
Fulbright Fellow Julianne Yang and Professor Marianne Stecher Sweden and the Holocaust in the films of Roy Andersson February 9, 2016
Ivaska, Markkanen, Suokko, Borland, Hiukka, Nestingen Finnish Consul General Juha Markkanen visits UW Finnish Program February 1, 2016
Sabina Ivenäs is  Kielland-Løvdal Fellow for 2016  January 25, 2016
Indigenous Sámi Culture and Connection to the Land in Arctic Europe Orientation Session -- Indigenous Sámi Culture and Connection to the Land in Arctic Europe January 20, 2016
Olivia Gunn Olivia Gunn on the Tragic Quotidian in Ibsen and Maeterlinck January 15, 2016
Julianne Yang Norwegian Fulbrighter Julianne Yang  at Scand Studies in Winter 2016 January 13, 2016
Eero Tetri and Terttu Gluckmann Eero Tetrin muistolle  - In Memory of Eero Tetri January 11, 2016
Indigenous Sámi Culture and Connection to the Land in Arctic Europe Indigenous Sámi Culture and Connection to the Land in Arctic Europe January 6, 2016
Anna Ruhl Anna Rühl  Defends PhD Dissertation on Novels of Knausgård and Espedal  December 30, 2015
Finnish Lecturer Ilmari Ivaska (Photo: Turun yliopisto) Star Wars and Finnish December 10, 2015
Farrokhzad, Gavel Adams, Arbabi Athena Farrokhzad and Farnaz Arbabi on  Sweden and White Blight December 2, 2015
Evan Wright, Ilmari Ivaska, and Erynn Wahlgren Finnish Program at Community Bazaar November 16, 2015
Molly Purrington (UW) and Advisory Board President Rick Peterson International Students' Reception and Advisory Board Meeting November 13, 2015
Göran Rosenberg meets with students and signs books (Photo: Hannah Pressman, UW Jewish Studies) Göran Rosenberg on A Brief Stop on the Road from Auschwitz November 13, 2015
Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellowships (FLAS) available to undergraduate, graduate and professional students November 13, 2015
Professor Marianne Stecher and Lecturer Ilmari Ivaska Scandinavian Studies at the UW Study Abroad Fair November 10, 2015
Liina-Ly Roos, Karin Eriksson, Anna Serner (SFI's CEO), Lars Jenner, Mimi Nielsen, Lisa Aschan (Screenwriter) Scandinavian Department Students and Faculty at ASTRA, 2015 October 31, 2015
Trygve Ugland on Migration Policy in Canada and Scandinavia Trgyve Ugland on Migration and Europe October 30, 2015
Special Guests Lola Rogers and Johanna Sinisalo Finnish Program 25th Anniversary Celebration October 27, 2015
Ambassador David O'Sullivan speaking to Professor Christine Ingebritsen's class EU Ambassador To the United States Visits the Department of Scandinavian Studies October 19, 2015
Call for Papers for AASSC September 21, 2015
Veljo Tormis and Estonian Folksongs Estonian Choir Performs in Celebration of Veljo Tormis' 85th Birthday August 13, 2015