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Recognition ceremony for Georg and Nina Pedersen Pedersen Endowed Faculty Fund for Danish is Established October 22, 2018
Andrew Nestingen Letter from the Chair October 17, 2018
Vilkaci with oak planted by the Honorary Consul of Latvia Latvian Folk Band “Vilkači” Visits UW  October 17, 2018
Lauren Poyer Faculty Spotlight: Lecturer Lauren Poyer October 16, 2018
Solvita Pošeiko, Visiting Lecturer of Latvian Passion for Language October 16, 2018
Copenhagen Classroom 2018 Study Abroad in Scandinavia October 16, 2018
Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary of Denmark HRH Crown Princess Mary of Denmark Visits UW October 16, 2018
Alumni Story Project Head, Dr. Kimberly Earles Alumni Story Project Led by Dr. Kimberly Earles October 15, 2018
Panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment featuring HRH Crown Princess of Denmark May 10, 2018
Finnish lecturer Hanna-Ilona Härmävaara Hanna-Ilona Härmävaara Wins Kotikielen Seura Article Prize April 11, 2018
Danh Vo Presentation "Artworks of Danh Vo," Lecture by Marianne Torp, National Gallery of Denmark (February 14, 2018) March 15, 2018
Jan Nielsen and members of his supervisory committee. Jan Krogh Nielsen Advanced to Ph.D. Candidacy February 21, 2018
Statue of H.C. Andersen in Odense, Denmark Marianne Stecher To Deliver Keynote Lecture At H.C. Andersen and Community Conference November 30, 2017
Assistant Professor Olivia Gunn Olivia Gunn's research on  Den Store Barnedåpen and The Alberta Trilogy November 2, 2017
Amanda Doxtater (r) and colleague Elizabeth Howard in Washington DC at the House of Sweden, Oct 2017 Amanda Doxtater Featured on Swedish National Radio  November 1, 2017
Andrew Nestingen Letter from the Chair October 27, 2017
Photo of Amanda Doxtater What are you excited about doing in 2017-2018? Faculty Activities October 27, 2017
Photo of Hanna-Ilona Härmävaara The Language of Passion October 26, 2017
Photo of Connie Amundson Inspired by Learning October 26, 2017
Photo of Ann-Charlotte (Lotta) Gavel Adams By Air, Sea, and Land October 26, 2017
Photo of Michael Biggins Libraries Can Ruin Your Life October 26, 2017
Photo of Birthe Hoffmann German Studies in Denmark: Obligations, Possibilities and Co-operations  October 9, 2017
UW President Ana-Mari Cauce President Ana-Mari Cauce's Statement of Commitment to Our DACA Dreamers September 9, 2017
donaldson Swedish Major Elena Donaldson Awarded 2017 Dean's Medal in the Humanities June 13, 2017
Eriks Esenvalds People of the North: Creating the Nordic Light Symphony brings Latvian composer to UW May 17, 2017