Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies

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Ia Dubois
Senior Lecturer and Undergraduate Adviser
Karen Eriksson
Graduate Student, Swedish TA, Nadia Christensen Top Scholar (2015-16)
Affiliate Associate Professor
Professor; Director, Center for West European Studies; Chair, Hellenic Studies Program
Photo of Veronica Tank
Graduate Student




Title Date Time Location
The AIDS crisis and Cultural Amnesia: Male Homosexuality in Swedish Literature 
Timothy Warburton
Dec 10 10:30am Raitt Hall 314
Showing of Sami Daughter Joik (2007) by Swedish Filmaker Liselotte Wajstedt
Professor Anna Stenport Introduces and Leads Discussion of Film
Oct 17 7:00pm SAV 260


Title Date Time Location
August Strindberg and Women
Eivor Martinus
Oct 9 3:30pm to 5:00pm Raitt Hall, Room 314