Heritage Repatriation at an Ojibwe Public School

Wayne Valliere and a student from Lac du Flambeau Public School paddle the birchbark canoe during the ceremonial launch in Lac du Flambeau, June 2014. Photo by C. Connors.
Cederström, B. Marcus, Tim Frandy, Thomas A. DuBois, and Colin Gioia Connors. 2016. "Heritage Repatriation at an Ojibwe Public School: A Partnership of Folklorists and Community Educators." Journal of Folklore and Education 2016(3): 31-41.

The nuanced, demanding art of birchbark canoe building brought together academic folklorists, a Native school community, and folk artists. The authors conclude that cultural projects involving Native American and non-Native educators are more effective when they embrace Native pedagogies that enact rather than describe culture. “There is a difference between teaching the culture, and teaching culturally.”

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