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Danish Author Visit is a Success! March 21, 2013
Call for Proposals  March 21, 2013
Recent Nordic Literature in the News March 13, 2013
New Course: Introduction to LITHUANIAN Cultural and Literary History March 5, 2013
Norwegian American Weekly: Special Education Issue February 26, 2013
Danish Language Course February 20, 2013
Globalization and Migration: Program Theme 2013 February 20, 2013
Nordic Cool Logo  Nordic Cultural Festival at the Kennedy Center is in the news! February 20, 2013
Photo of Patricia Conroy The Patricia L. Conroy Endowment Fund for Old Icelandic, Old Norse and Faroese Studies February 15, 2013
Karen Blixen New book on Karen Blixen  February 7, 2013
Helen S. Blair  Memorial Scholarship Fund January 29, 2013
Our scholarship and award applications are due March 31, 2013. January 22, 2013
16th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium January 17, 2013
Currently accepting applications to Graduate degree programs in Scandinavian Studies and for TAships for qualified candidates - Feb. 1 application deadline. January 15, 2013
Gytel Scholarships for Study in Denmark-Deadline May 1st January 2, 2013
Should America try to be like Scandinavia? December 17, 2012
UW Swedish Club Luciafest December 13, 2012
Pasi Sahlberg meeting with UW Finnish students, (from left to right) Ryan Majidimehr, Pasi Sahlberg, Michael Brown, Christopher Morris, and Matthew Kuosmanen Finland Hot at the University of Washington December 3, 2012
New Class: Peacemaking in Europe November 16, 2012
Pasi Sahlberg Lecture available on KUOW.ORG's Speakers Forum November 15, 2012
Scan|Design Fellowship October 26, 2012
Nadia Christensen Scholar Nadia Christensen Scholar Announcement  October 1, 2012
In Memoriam: David Olson, UW Professor Emeritus of Political Science and Former Chair of the Bergen Exchange Program October 1, 2012
Welcome Back! September 13, 2012
Dr. Kjetil Børhaug Lecture by Dr. Kjetil Børhaug and Celebration of the Kielland-Løvdal Endowed Fellowship May 31, 2012