Alumni 2002

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Kristin Kuutma, Estonian Folklore Archives, Tartu, "A Sami Ethnography and a Setu Epic: Two Collaborative Representations in Their Historical Contexts" (Dubois, Toews)

Csanad Siklos, London School of Economics , "The Rhetoric of Resistance: A Study of Pär Lagervist's Prose and Drama, 1933-1944" (Warme)

Matthew Roy, Cascadia Community College, Bothell, Washington, "August Strindberg's Perversions: On the Science, Sin, and Scandal of Homosexuality in August Strindberg's Works" (Gavel Adams)

Candidates for Doctorate (Ph.C.)

Claudia Berguson, "Challenging Authority: Epic, Legend, Folktale, and Gossip as Voices of Narrative Authority in Sigrid Undset's Kristin Lavransdatter" (Sjåvik)

Melissa Gjellstad, "Mothering at Millennium's End: Family in 1990s Norwegian Literature" (Sjåvik)

Gergana May, "Man at the End of History? Henrik Ibsen's Works in the Light of French Post-Hegelian Philosophical Thought" (Sjåvik)

Master of Arts (MA)

Sharon Berg, "Kjartan Fløgstad's Unmasking Turn of Mind: Postmodernism and Social Criticism in Dalen Portland" (Sjåvik)

Anastasjia Bitiukova, "The Integration of the Baltic States into the European Political Economy"

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Christian Alexander, Swedish and Psychology
Carri Andersen,
Scandinavian Area Studies and Women Studies
Jens Billgren, S
candinavian Area Studies and Biochemistry
Megan Bingham, Scandinavian Area Studies and Women Studies
Kristen Eide, Scandinavian Area Studies
Aaron Eglitis,
Scandinavian Area Studies (Baltic Studies) and History
Maren Frick-Wright, 
Danish and Psychology
Imants Holmquist, Swedish and International Studies
Marisa Hougardy, Scandinavian Area Studies and Anthropology
John Hull,
Scandinavian Area Studies and History
Annelise Kromann, Danish and Scandinavian Area Studies
Daniel Mandeville, Scandinavian Area Studies and Linguistices
Kathryn Nicholson Kane, Norwegian and Scandinavian Area Studies
Olivia Noble Gunn, Norwegian and English, (Magna Cum Laude)
Joseph Charles Novak, Swedish (with distinction) and Neurobiology
Zorica Petkovska, Scandinavian Area Studies and Political Science
Ann Risenmay Hiatt,
Swedish (with distinction) and European Studies
Gillian Salter Kaiser,
Scandinavian Area Studies and European Studies
Ulrika Svanfelt, Swedish and Scandinavian Area Studies
Erik Tomren,
Norwegian, Scandinavian Area Studies and Political Science
Mia Urbach, Scandinavian Area Studies

Graduates with Minors

Maija Anderson, Finnish
Kristen Kolstad, Norwegian
Paul Latvala, Scandinavian Area Studies
Jean-Marcus Strole, Swedish
Brian Marr, Scandinavian Area Studies