Alumni 2014

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) - Scandinavian Studies

Maren Anderson Johnson, Ph.D., “Staging the Genius: Henrik Ibsen and Biographical Theater” (Professor Andrew Nestingen)

Melissa Lucas, Ph.D. “Digital Literary Arts — Scandinavian E-Texts: Criticism, Theory, and Practice” (Professor Marianne Stecher)

Ralitsa Lazarova, Ph.D., “‘True Stories’ - The Politics of Emotion in Works of Performative Realism in Recent Swedish Fiction”
(Professor Lotta Gavel Adams)

Kirstine Kastbjerg, Ph.D., “Reading the Surface:  The Danish Gothic of B.S. Ingemann, H.C. Andersen, Karen Blixen and
Beyond” (Professor Marianne Stecher) 

Masters of Arts (MA)

Liina-Ly Roos,  “Post-Soviet Identity in Nordic Fiction: Trauma of Occupation and Sex Trafficking in Sofi Oksanen’s Purge and Lukas Moodysson’s Lilya 4-ever” (Professor Guntis Šmidchens)

Bachelor of Arts

Libby Anderson, Swedish, International Studies, “Eco-Reputation Building in Sweden” (Dr. Ia Dübois)

Molly Andrus, Norwegian, “Power Hierarchies in Contemporary Norwegian Picture Books” (Professor Lotta Gavel Adams)

Austen Beard, Norwegian, Biology “TBA” (Professor Jan Sjåvik)

Nicholas Carr, Danish, English, “Borderliners: ‘New Danish’ Migrant Literature and National Identity” (Professor Marianne Stecher)

David Gulsrud, Norwegian, History, “Norwegian State Formation and Evolution of a European Monarchy” (Professor Terje Leiren)

Greta Karlholm, Swedish, Psychology, “Comparison of Patient Care in Sweden and the US” (Dr. Ia Dübois)

Terese Kravik, Norwegian, “Gunnar Sonsteby: A Norwegian Legend” (Professor Terje Leiren)

Marina Lim, Scandinavian Area Studies, “German Invasion of Norway, 1940” (Professor Terje Leiren)

Lukas Miller, Norwegian, CHID, “Line, Form and Surface: Storytelling and Mythic Imagery in Scandinavian Rock Art” (Professor Terje Leiren)

Emma Nguyen, Danish, “Teen Alcohol Use in Denmark: The Current Research” (Professor Marianne Stecher)

Katrina Peterson, Scandinavian Area Studies, “Is Estonia Secure?: Estonia’s Security Preparedness and Potential Threats to Independence” (Professor Guntis Šmidchens)

Victoria Steed, Danish, “Niches: Denmark’s Economic Safeguard” (Professor Marianne Stecher)

Steph Swanson, Swedish, Linguistics, “Swedish -s-passives & Object Shift: reference in the syntax” (Dr. Ia Dübois)

Julia Viherlahti, Finnish, Music, “Finnish Textile and Fashion Design” (Dr. Ia Dübois)

Cassandra Williams, Swedish, Biology, “The Influence of History on the Environmental Sustainability in Finland, Sweden and Denmark” (Professor Christine Ingebritsen)

David Whitlock, Norwegian, Psychology, “The Emergence of Norway as an Oil-Funded Science Nation” (Professor Jan Sjåvik)

Graduates with Department Minors

Brianna Anderson, Norwegian
Benjamin Burditt, Scandinavian Area Studies
Moran Cartwright, Norwegian
James Cho, Scandinavian Area Studies
Rebecca Eskildsen, Danish
Ann Haley Gower, Estonian
Markus Gutierrez, Scandinavian Area Studies
Melissa Heck, Norwegian
Sten Karlholm, Swedish
William Kicinski, Scandinavian Area Studies
Austen Lawrence, Swedish
Marina Lim, Norwegian
Christian Lopez, Scandinavian Area Studies
Jake Lowry, Scandinavian Area Studies
Jakob Lupa, Swedish
Lukas Miller, Scandinavian Area Studies
Henry Moen, Norwegian
Julia Claire Nelson, Swedish
Eva Ostbo, Norwegian
Phoebe Parsons, Finnish
Katrina Peterson, Estonian
Ivy Salim, Scandinavian Area Studies
Amy Scott, Latvian
Dov Shlachter, Norwegian
Chelsea Short-Marin, Swedish
Erin Smith, Finnish
Tina White, Swedish
Alexander Witt, Norwegian