Alumni 2019

Doctor of Philosophy

Jan Krogh Neilsen, Ph.D., “’People's Faces:’ Levinasian Ethics in Per Olov Enquist, Villy Sørensen, and Knut Hamsun” (Prof. Marianne Stecher)


Candidate for Doctor of Philosophy

Camille Richey, Ph.C., (Professor Andrew Nestingen)


Master of Arts

Stina Cowan, M.A., “Collaborative Coexistence - How the Nordic Lights Film Festival Makes Relevant the Cooperation of the Nordic Cinema Model” (Asst. Prof. Amanda Doxtater)

Maxine Savage, M.A., "Að þýða taugahrúgur (Translating Nervous Wrecks): Translation as Queer Kinship" (Prof. Marianne Stecher)

Bachelor of Arts

Bryan Berglund, Finance and Swedish, "Should the US Adopt a Swedish Universal Welfare Policy?" (Asst. Prof. Amanda Doxtater)

Johanna Brekkan, Swedish, “Swedish Design by an Austrian Mastermind: The Established Traditions of Josef Frank" (Emerita Prof. Lotta Gavel Adams)

Gabriela Capestany, Cinema & Media Studies, Communications and Danish, "The Effects of the Dogme 95 Movement on Modern Independent Digital Filmmaking” (Lecturer Kristian Næsby)

Christian Childers, Scandinavian Area Studies, "Heroes of Norway" (Emeritus Prof. Terje Lerien)

Alexander Ghavami, Political Science and Scandinavian Area Studies, "Norwegian Child Welfare Services: Contact, Controversy, and Why it Doesn't Supersede American Efforts" (Asst. Prof. Olivia Gunn)

Markus Hiukka, Aquatic & Fishery Sciences and Finnish, minors in Scandinavian Area Studies and Marine Biology, "The Finnish Narrative Through War: A Microhistory Analysis of a Career Military Officer" (Lecturer Ilona Härmävaara)

Kelsey Jonsson, Scandinavian Area Studies, minor in Political Science, "Why Iceland? Norm Entrepreneurship and Small State Significance in the International System” (Prof. Christine Ingebritsen) 

Gabriella Knox, English and Swedish, "Modernistic Horror in T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land and Karin Boye’s Kallocain" (Asst. Prof. Amanda Doxtater)

Jaakko Kuoppamaki, Finnish and Scandinavian Area Studies, "Exploring the Dual-Audience of Contemporary Sámi Musician-Activists in Finland" (Lecturer Ilona Härmävaara)

Ruben Perez, Anthropology and Scandinavian Area Studies, minor in Norwegian, "Bio-Power, Norwegian Resistance and Photography” (Asst. Prof. OIivia Gunn)

Gregory Pflaumer, Finnish, Linguistics and Speech & Hearing Sciences, minor in Scandinavian Area Studies, "Stadin Slangi: A Case Study in Mixed Languages" (Lecturer Ilona Härmävaara)

Alden Rose, Danish and Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology, "Societal Implications of the Danish Model of Child Development" (Lecturer Kristian Næsby)


Graduates with Department Minors

Simon Anderson, Earth & Space Sciences, minors in Estonian and Physics
Emma Rose Bermudez, Speech & Hearing Sciences, minor in Danish
Marianne Bjorner, Microbiology, minor in Danish
Crystaline Brown, Comparative History of Ideas, minor in Danish
Ashley Doty, Biology, minor in Danish
Lucas Ekstrom, Economics, minor in Swedish
Emma Fritzberg, Computer Science, minors in Swedish and Art History
Nicholas Gabbamonte, Cultural Anthropology, minor in Latvian
John Hamann, Mechanical Engineering, minor in Swedish
Emily Johnson, Earth & Space Sciences, minor in Scandinavian Area Studies
Konan Kile, Sociology and Economics, minor in Swedish
Michaela Kristiansson, Finance, minor in Scandinavian Area Studies
Louis Leboa, Biology, minor in Swedish
Chloe McFall, International Studies, minor in Danish
Sofija Raisys, International Studies, minor in Lithuanian
Nicholas Selzler, Political Science, minor in Scandinavian Area Studies
Claire Stenersen, Chemistry, minor in Norwegian
Forrest Timour, Computer Science, minors in Swedish and Music
Tristan Walde, English, minor in Finnish