Alumni 2015

Doctor of Philosophy - Scandinavian Studies (Ph.D.)

Timothy Warburton, Ph.D., “From AIDS to Assimilation: Representations of Male Homosexuality in Swedish Literature” (Professor Lotta Gavel Adams)


Candidate for Doctor of Philosophy - (Ph.C.)

Pétur Valsson, Ph.C., (Professor Andrew Nestingen)


Masters of Arts

Kevin Jenson, M.A., Scandinavian Language and Literature (Professor Marianne Stecher)

Brittany Lewis, M.A., Scandinavian Language and Literature (Professor Lotta Gavel Adams)


Bachelor of Arts

Alexander Ahlgren, Finnish, Political Science, “Finnish Political Economy: Life After Nokia” (Professor Christine Ingebritsen)

Kristianna Anderson, Norwegian, History, “From Disease to Desire: Reflections of Norwegian Culture in the Artwork of Edvard Munch” (Professor Terje Leiren)

Ryan Branch, Norwegian, “Alienation, Cabin Culture, and the Search for ‘Hygge’ in Den brysomme mannen” (Dr. Kyle Korynta)

Sean Duggan, Swedish, English, “Interpreting A Dreamplay Through the Lens of Modern Cinema” (Professor Lotta Gavel Adams)

Laura Gillespie, Scandinavian Area Studies, “Inauthentic Marriages or Ethical Lives? Selma, Nora and Marta in the Literary Works of Benedictsson, Ibsen, and Unset” (Professor Marianne Stecher)

Nicholas Johnson, Swedish, International Studies, “The War on Drugs: A Comparison of Sweden vs. the United States” (Professor Lotta Gavel Adams)

Jessica Kahler, Scandinavian Area Studies, Psychology, "Penal Appropriation: An Exploration Concerning the History of Norwegian and American Penal Systems"  (Professor Terje Leiren)

Benjamin Larson, Scandinavian Area Studies, Biology "Vidkun Quisling: A Personal Look Into the Norwegian Politician" (Professor Terje Leiren)

Marina Lim, Scandinavian Area Studies, “German Invasion of Norway: 1940” (Professor Terje Leiren)

Taylor Loe, Finnish, Biochemistry, “Equality and Education: The Importance of Welfare Support for Education in Finland” (Former Visiting Lecturer Taija Hämäläinen)

Vi Thuc Nguyen, Norwegian, Business Administration, “Identity Formation in  Multicultural Young Girls Growing Up in Scandinavia” (Professor Lotta Gavel Adams)

Brenna Noonan, Scandinavian Area Studies, Comparative Literature, “Noir and Neo-Noir in Norway: The Function of the Child and Changing Family Dynamics within Døden er et Kjærtegn, Insomnia and Hodejegerne” (Professor Andrew Nestingen)

Sydney Peterson, Swedish, European Studies, “Divide Between Integration and Immigration: Immigration Policy and Integration in Sweden and the European Union” (Professor Christine Ingebritsen)

AmyBeth Stevens, Scandinavian Area Studies, Political Science, “From Valkyrie to Prime Minister: How Scandinavia Instituted Gender Equality” (Professor Christine Ingebritsen)

Deborah Indigo Trigg-Hauer, Scandinavian Area Studies, History, “Changing Existences in Norway, 1850 to 1914: Sami and Reisende Identities Post-National Romanticism” (Professor Terje Leiren)

Cameron Winship, Scandinavian Area Studies, “The Masquerade of Satan as the Allfather: How Norwegian Black Metal Evolved from Norse Mythology” (Professor Terje Leiren)


Graduates with Department Minors

Kristianna Anderson, Scandinavian Area Studies
Annelie Arthursson, Swedish
Jack Bernatovicz, Swedish
Gregory Blazek, Scandinavian Area Studies
Madeleine Brindle, Scandinavian Area Studies
Stefan Dierauf, Swedish
Eva Eliassen, Swedish
Alison Farley, Scandinavian Area Studies
Fiona Gammond, Scandinavian Area Studies
Coleen Griffin, Finnish
Alexander Hoelzen, Norwegian
Marnie Hoover, Latvian
Zachariah Jett, Scandinavian Area Studies & Swedish
Michael Johnson, Swedish
Denis Kautsman, Lithuanian
Megan Kehrli, Scandinavian Area Studies
Heather Kissinger, Scandinavian Area Studies
Benjamin Larson, Norwegian
Keenan Layton, Swedish
Joseph McKenzie, Scandinavian Area Studies
Desirae Nichols, Scandinavian Area Studies
Kaija Perkiomaki, Scandinavian Area Studies
Benjamin Reinhart, Swedish
Chonlawit Sirikupt, Swedish