Alumni 2012

Doctor of Philosophy—Scandinavian Studies (Ph.D.)

Kyle Korynta, Ph.D., “Jon Fosse in the Light and Shadow of Ibsen: Writing Styles, Affect, and Reception.” (Dr. Jan Sjåvik)

Renessa Osterberg Jessup, Ph.D., “Literary Anxiety in Contemporary Norwegian Metafiction: Hanne Ørstavik, Lars Saabye Christensen, and Dag Solstad.” (Dr. Jan Sjåvik)

Master of Arts (MA)

Indre Baronina, M.A., (Dr. Guntis Šmidchens)

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Nicholas Adair, Swedish Major, “Differing Historical Perspectives in Defending Sweden’s Neutrality.” (Dr. Ia Dübois)

Amalie Alver, Swedish Major, “The Evolution of Swedish Music Throughout the 20th Century.” (Dr. Ia Dübois)

Annika Benedetto, Danish Major, “Held og Lykke: Danish Cultural Conceptualizations of Happiness.” (Dr. Marianne Stecher-Hansen)

Margaret Berry, Swedish Major, “Scandinavia’s Nuclear Addiction: An Investigation and Comparison of Sweden’s Approach to Nuclear Energy Policy within Scandinavia and Central Europe.” (Dr. Christine Ingebritsen)

Alexandra Brewer, Finnish Major, “Multi-Ethnic Finns: Identity Crisis in Nature in the Films Näkymätön Elina and Aavan meren tällä puolen.” (Visiting Lecturer of Finnish, Aija Elg)

Alena Courtney, Swedish Major, “Breaking Barriers: The Case of Muslim Integration in Sweden.” (Dr. Christine Ingebritsen)

Benjamin Crowe, Swedish Major, “The Swinging Pendulum of the 'Svensk Tiger’: An Examination of Sweden's Neutrality in Regards to Foreign Policy.” (Dr. Terje Leiren)

Birgitte Gingold, Area Studies and Danish Major, “Agenda-setting, Lobbying and Samarbejde: The (Dis)Advantages of the EU Presidency.” (Dr. Christine Ingebritsen)

Eric Guttorp, Area Studies Major, “Swedish Immigration Now and Then: A Comparison of Immigration policies Between WWII and modern day.” (Dr. Ia Dübois)

Sarah Hammarlund, Swedish Major, “Eugenics in Sweden: Unwanted Mothers in the Welfare State.” (Dr. Ia Dübois)

Gustaf Hegnell, Swedish Major, “The Financial Crisis of the 1990's: It’s Impact on Sweden’s Place in Today’s Economic Market.” (Dr. Ia Dübois)

Corrine Hummel, Area Studies Major, “Nordic by Nature: Sweden's Approach to a Sustainable World.” (Dr. Christine Ingebritsen)

Emily Johanson, Area Studies Major, “Agricultural Policy in Sweden and the United States: How and Why Differences Arose.” (Dr. Christine Ingebritsen)

Jessica Johansson, Swedish Major, “How True Is That Picture?: A Comparative Study of The Freedom of The Press in Swedish and American Media.” (Dr. Ia Dübois)

Emily Johnson, Swedish Major, “An Ecocritical Approach to Nils Holgerssons underbara resa genom Sverige.” (Dr. Lotta Gavel Adams)

Robin Kloven, Area Studies Major, “Anders Breivik: The Rational Dangers of the Politically Insane.” (Dr. Terje Leiren)

Chase Krumins, Area Studies Major, “Requiring Rejection; An Analysis of the Latvian-Russian Language Referendum, 2012: and How Its Rejection Secured U.S.- Latvian Relations.” (Dr. Guntis Šmidchens)

Derek Lerch, Area Studies Major, “Grassroots Rituals: Turf Submission and Community in Pre-Christian Iceland.” (Dr. Terje Leiren)

Brittney Lewis, Swedish Major, “Den goda viljan: Understanding the Goals and Realities of German and Swedish Integration Policies.” (Dr. Ia Dübois)

Nathan Lewis, Swedish Major, “When Theory Met Theology: Applying Religious Market Theories to Swedish Religious Development and Secularization.” (Dr. Christine Ingebritsen)

Henrik Rohdin, Swedish Major, “Dual Neutrality: Cold War Swedish Foreign Policy Under Erlander and Palme.” (Dr. Terje Leiren)

Graduates with Minors

Katherine Anderegg, Swedish
Matthew Barrie, Norwegian
Linnea Bickeboeller, Norwegian
Peder Digre, Norwegian
Martin Ericksen, Norwegian
Daniel Fiedler, Finnish
Michael Fyrqvist, Swedish
Sara Geurtsen, Swedish
Brita Guthrie, Norwegian
Amber Joehnk, Danish
Emily Johanson, Swedish
Elizabeth Labouve, Scandinavian Area Studies
Derek Lerch, Norwegian
Clinton Lindgren, Scandinavian Area Studies
Lea Elisabet Lonnberg-Hickling, Swedish
Kimberly Macy, Swedish
Zachary McMacken, Norwegian
Sophia O’Donnell, Scandinavian Area Studies
Caitlin Sullivan, Scandinavian Area Studies