Alumni 2018

Doctor of Philosophy

Liina-Ly Roos, Ph.D. "The Child, Affective Memories of War, and Cruel Everyday in Nordic and Baltic Film and Literature" (Professor Andrew Nestingen)


Candidate for Doctor of Philosophy

Jan Krogh Nielsen, Ph.C. (Professor Marianne Stecher)

Master of Arts

Connie Amundson, M.A., "Better Than Medicine' - Expansion of the Health Care Model in Scandinavia: From Sick Care to Health Promotion via the Arts" (Professor Christine Ingebritsen)

Carl Graefe, M.A., "Toward Differentiating Norwegian Nationalisms" (Professor Christine Ingebritsen)

Sarah Jackson, M.A., (Emerita Professor Lotta Gavel Adams)


Bachelor of Arts

Ian Gwin, Scandinavian Area Studies with Honors and Linguistics with Honors, “Far From Silent: The Emergence of Tintinnabuli in the Film Music of Arvo Pärt” (Associate Prof. Guntis Šmidchens)

Johanna Hansen, Swedish with Honors and Psychology, “Comparing Juvenile Rehabilitation in Sweden and Washington State” (Emerita Prof. Lotta Gavel Adams)

Samuel Kesälä, Finnish and Computer Science, "Tuntematon Sotilas: Finland's Shifting Attitude Towards War Made Evident by Three Film Adaptations" (Lecturer Hanna-Ilona Härmävaara)

Roland Upenieks, Scandinavian Area Studies, Microbiology and Minor in Latvian, "Latvia in World War II and the Involvement of Two Brothers in History" (Associate Prof. Guntis Šmidchens)


Graduates with Department Minors

Kristen Blackburn, Computer Science, minor in Norwegian

Tessa Hunt (Xelian),  Japanese, minor in Swedish

Emilia King, Finance, minor in Danish

Arne Landboe, International Studies, minor in Norwegian

Johanna Mannisto, Linguistics, minors in Finnish & French

 Fredrik Meyer, Chemistry, minor in Norwegian

Hans Robel, Political Science, minors in Norwegian & Statistics

James Roney, Civil Engineering, minor in Finnish

Susan Song, Political Science, minors in Scandinavian Area Studies & Human Rights