Alumni 2011

Doctorate of Philosophy—Scandinavian Studies (Ph.D.)

Mark Säfström, Ph.D., “The Religious Origins of Democratic Pluralism: Paul Peter Waldenström and the Politics of the Swedish Awakening 1868 – 1917.” (Dr. Terje Leiren)

Peter Leonard, Ph.D., “Imagining Themselves: National Belongings in the Post-Ethnic Nordic Literature.” (Dr. Lotta Gavel Adams)

Doctorate of Philosophy—Independent Ph.D. Program (Ph.D.)

Katherine L . Larson, Ph.D., “Norwegian Double-Weave and the Warp-Weighted Loom: A North Gudbrandsdal Tradition.” (Dr. Terje Leiren)

Master of Arts (MA)

Maren Anderson, M.A., “Questioning the genius: Postmodern literary interpretations of Norwegian national literary geniuses Henrik Ibsen and Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson.” (Dr. Andrew Nestingen)

Sean Hughes, M.A., “Danishness and Otherness:  Representations of Muslims and Jews in Danish Literature." (Dr. Marianne Stecher-Hansen)

Timothy Warburton, M.A., “Queered Bodies That Matter: Non-normative Bodies in Selected Paintings by Odd Nerdrum and ‘Ecce Homo’ by Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin.” (Dr. Ia Dübois)

Evan P. Wright, M.A., “Symbolic Ecologies and Intertextual Conservation: An ecocritical analysis of inter-symbolic relationships in Finno-Karelian oral and literary traditions.” (Dr. Andrew Nestingen)

Bachelor of of Arts (BA)

Karli Anderson, Swedish Major, “Swedish Singing Traditions Today” (Dr. Guntis Šmidchens)

Andrea Baron, Danish Major, “Prostitution in Denmark: Should they follow the Swedish Model?” (Dr. Ia Dübois)

Alyson Briscoe, Swedish Major, “An Immigrant’s Dilemma: The Internal Conflict of an Islamic Refugee Woman in Sweden” (Dr. Ia Dübois)

Alix Dantzler, Scandinavian Area Studies Major and Norwegian Minor, “Ecological perspectives in early Scandinavian Children's Literature: The works of Elsa Beskow and Selma Lagerlof. ” (Dr. Lotta Gavel-Adams)

Thomas Godshalk, Danish Major, “Shadow Selves and the Subconscious: Doppelgängers in Tales by H.C. Andersen, Leif Panduro, and Peter Seeberg" (Dr. Marianne Stecher-Hansen)

Jenna Gregor, Scandinavian Area Studies Major, “Norway Getting Noticed: A century of Norwegian product design and attempting to stand out in the Scandinavian design scene” (Dr. Terje Leiren)

Thomas Hedlund, Scandinavian Area Major and Swedish Minor, “The Effect of the Major Religions Upon Scandinavian Society and Culture Today” (Dr. Guntis Šmidchens)

Chelsea Jaeger, Scandinavian Area and Norwegian Majors, “Norwegian Home Front Resistance During the German Occupation of WWII” (Dr. Terje Leiren)

Daniel Jones, Scandinavian Area Studies Major, “Geological Affects on Early Swedish History” (Dr. Terje Leiren)

Emily La Vassar, Scandinavian Area Studies and Swedish Majors, “Bernadotte: An Agent of Change in 19th Century Sweden” (Dr. Terje Leiren)

Elizabeth Meberg, Scandinavian Studies Major and Norwegian Minor, “A Religious Smørgåsbord: Approaching Ibsen's Ghosts and Brand through Biblical Allusions and Kierkegaardian Philosophy” (Dr. Jan Sjåvik)

Dorothea Reinert, Norwegian Major, “What Lies Beneath: A Comparison of Knut Hamsun’s Hunger and Phillip K Dick’s A Scanner Darkly” (Dr. Jan Sjåvik)

Julia Rundberg, Swedish Major, “NATO’s Expanding Role: Sweden as a Case Study For How Increased Cooperation Via the EU and the Partnership for Peace (PfP) Can Build a Stronger NATO Alliance (Dr. Ia Dübois)

Emilia Sternberg, Swedish Major, “Localizing Identity: The Position of Immigrant Women in Swedish Society” (Dr. Ia Dübois)

Michaela Taflin, Swedish Major, “No Longer Lost in Translation: An Essay on Johannes Anyrur and his poetry collection Det är bara gudarna som är nya” (Dr. Ia Dübois)

Caitlin Tierney, Scandinavian Area Studies Major and Latvian Minor, “Computerized Latvian Vocabulary Testing” (Dr. Guntis Šmidchens)

Britta Tunestam, Swedish Major, “The Value of a Green Identity: A Comparison of Sweden’s and British Columbia’s Methods to Establish Sustainable Regions” (Dr. Christine Ingebritsen)

Kelly Youngberg, Scandinavian Area Studies Major and Swedish Minor “New Ideas and Old Problems: A History of Prostitution in Sweden” (Dr. Ia Dübois)

Graduates with Minors

Nicholas Adair, Swedish
Stephanie Asheim, Norwegian
Zackery Bennett, Scandinavian Area Studies
Anna Carlson, Norwegian
Elisa Christiani, Scandinavian Area Studies
Karinn Dickinson, Scandinavian Area Studies
Timothy Draluck, Swedish
Rachael Hardin, Swedish
Aliina Keers, Finnish
Ashley Kees, Swedish
Knut-Sigurd Knuteson, Scandinavian Area Studies
Linda Lewis, Finnish
Lea Lonnberg-Hickling, Swedish
Nicholas Sangrey, Scandinavian Area Studies
Allison Swanson, Danish
Bradley Wagnon, Scandinavian Area Studies
Andrew Wang, Scandinavian Area Studies
Christian Wathne, Scandinavian Area Studies
Daryl Whitley, Norwegian