Alumni 2017

Candidate for Doctor of Philosophy

Karin Eriksson, Ph.C. (Professor Andrew Nestingen)


Master of Arts

Tova Gritzka, M.A., Scandinavian Area Studies (Professor Terje Leiren)

Pia Nystrom, M.A., Scandinavian Language and Literature (Professor Lotta Gavel Adams)


Bachelor of Arts

Claudia Boest-Petersen, Danish and Communication, “The Critical Lens: Retelling Denmark’s German Occupation through Contemporary Films” (Professor Marianne Stecher)

Nicholas Carr, Danish and English, “Borderliners: ‘New Danish’ Migrant Literature and National Identity” (Professor Marianne Stecher)

Elena Donaldson, Swedish, Sociology, Communication and Minor in Diversity , “Blommor och Bin: A Comparative Take on Sex Education in Sweden and the US” (Senior Lecturer Ia Dübois)

Teresa Johansson, Swedish, “Sweden Facing the Syrian Refugee Crisis” (Senior Lecturer Ia Dubois)

Trevor Kieser, Scandinavian Area Studies and Minor in Danish, “Shieldmaidens and Housewives: Memories of Viking Women” (Professor Terje Leiren)

Thomas Kovach, Swedish and Minor in Scandinavian Area Studies, "Jag vill dö i Norden: The Unlikely Rise of Death Metal in Sweden" (Professor Andrew Nestingen)

Scott Lester, Scandinavian Area Studies and History, “Precarious Fortunes: A Perspective in the Pacific Northwest Salmon Industry” (Professor Terje Leiren)

Sofia Moen, Norwegian and Biology, “Pregnancy in Norway: Changing Conceptions in a Changing Cultural Environment” (Asst. Professor Olivia Gunn)

Esther Palmer, Scandinavian Area Studies and Minor in Latvian,  "The Hidden Meanings in Imants Ziedonis's Colorful Fairy Tales" (Lecturer Iveta Grīnberga)

Marianna Palmer, Scandinavian Area Studies and Minor in Latvian, "Imants Ziedonis's Colorful Fairy Tales: A Childish or Grown Up Pursuit?" (Lecturer Iveta Grīnberga)

Alexandra Piunti, Scandinavian Area Studies, "Territorial Defense in the Postmodern West: Understanding Combat Cohesion in Estonia" (Assoc. Professor Guntis Šmidchens)

Adonis Reed-Boulos, Scandinavian Area Studies and Minor in Swedish, “An Analysis of the Characteristics and Aesthetics of Swedish Death Metal” (Professor Terje Leiren)

Sage Strandberg, Swedish, “Anti-materialism, Nature, and the Pursuit of Individualism in Tove Jansson’s Moomin series” (Professor Lotta Gavel Adams)

Darle Towne, Scandinavian Area Studies, Biology Minor in Norwegian and Global Health “Mental Health and the Welfare State in Norway ” (Asst. Professor Olivia Gunn)

Sadie Winters, Scandinavian Area Studies “Norwegian Environmental Sustainability is a Legacy of Leadership” (Professor Christine Ingebritsen)


Graduates with Department Minors

Austen Beard, Norwegian
Karl Blomberg, Scandinavian Area Studies
Crystaline Brown, Scandinavian Area Studies
Pepper Harris, Swedish
Jiaying Jiang, Danish
Sihan Li, Swedish
Joel Liedes, Norwegian
Andres Quiroga, Danish 
Avalon Roe, Norwegian
Christopher Sørensen, Danish
Emily Stetsen, Norwegian
Melissa St. Jean, Danish
Erynn Wahlgren, Scandinavian Area Studies
Zachary Waller, Swedish