Alumni 2010

Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Tom Johnson, "Tidebast och Vändelrot: Magical Representations in the Swedish Black Art Book Tradition," (Guntis Šmidchens)

Master of Arts (MA)

Britta Kallevang, Nature and Language in Knut Hamsun’s Men livet lever (Jan Sjåvik)

Melissa Lucas, Scandinavian E‐texts in context: En million historier, Svevedikt and Primärdirektivet (Marianne Stecher‐Hansen)

Tim Warbuton, Queered Bodies That Matter: Non-normative Bodies in Selected Paintings by Odd Nerdrum and Photographs in Ecce Homo by Elisabeth Ohlsson Wallin, Advisor: Ia Dübois

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Marianne Ahlmann, Danish Major, “Denmark: Development of Immigrant Identity Through Music” (Jan Krogh Nielsen)

Kelly Christison, Finnish Major, “Reversed Roles: Identity Crisis in the Moomin Books” (Aija Elg)

Mary Cohan, Swedish Major with Departmental and College Honors, “A Comparative Study of the Educational Systems, on the High School Level, in Sweden and the US” (Ia Dübois)

Alex Commerer, Scandinavian Area Studies Major, “An Analytical Study of Prostitution in Sweden and Its Neighboring Countries” (Ia Dübois)

Laina Dilling, Scandinavian Area Studies Major, “The Analysis of Childhood Obesity in Norway and Washington State” (Jan Sjåvik)

Cheryl Freece, Scandinavian Area Studies Major, “Gender Depictions in the Art of Edvard Munch and Odd Nerdrum” (Ia Dübois)

Naomi Hubert, Swedish Major, “Following the Swedish Way: The World's Guide to Successful Sustainable Development” (Christine Ingebritsen)

Anneli Johnson, Swedish Major with Departmental Honors, “Death and Grieving: Understanding Death in Children's Literature in Scandinavia and the United States” (Lotta Gavel Adams)

Samantha Kandler, Scandinavian Area Studies Major and Danish Minor, “Beneath the Current: Transitory Boundaries & Symbolism of Water in a Selection of H.C. Andersen Tales” (Kirstine Kastbjerg)

Line Larsen, Danish Major, “Benefits of the 1960s Culture: Explored through Christiania and the Roskilde Festival” (Jan Krogh Nielsen)

Steven Luksan, Norwegian Major, “The Folk Song Settings of Edvard Grieg and Geirr Tveitt” (Jan Sjåvik)

Kirsten Mandt, Swedish Major with Departmental and College Honors, “From Euroskeptic to EU Applicant -­‐ Investigating the Roots and Ramifications of Iceland’s Changing Stance on European Integration” (Christine Ingebritsen)

Allan Mathisen, Norwegian Major, “Norwegian Fisheries: Past, Present and Problems Facing the Future” (Jan Sjåvik)

Sarah McConkey, Swedish Major with Departmental and College Honors, “Prenatal Testing in Sweden and the United States: A Comparison Study of Down Syndrome and Cystic Fibrosis Screening Programs” (Lotta Gavel Adams)

Sonja Ostling, Swedish Major, “Little Girls Growing Up: Where Dads Fit In” (Lotta Gavel Adams) Laurel Pederson, Scandinavian Area Studies Major, “A Comparative Study of Traf\icking in Persons in Sweden and Washington State” (Ia Dübois)

Andrew Powers, Scandinavian Area Studies Major, “On the Periphery of World War II: Norway's Halting of Nazi Atomic Power” (Terje Leiren)

Michael Snowden, Scandinavian Area Studies Major, “Standing in the Eye of Odin, They Await Entry into the Great Hall: A Literary Analysis of the Prominent Vikings of Saga-­‐Lore” (Terje Leiren)

Sara Stevenson, Scandinavian Area Studies Major and Norwegian Minor, “Ibsen's Dead Bodies” (Jan Sjåvik)

Josh Witsoe, Scandinavian Area Studies Major, “The Impact of Globalization on the Indigenous Sami People of Scandinavia” (Christine Ingebritsen)

Yeon­Hee Yim, Scandinavian Area Studies Major and Swedish Minor, “The Legend of Saint Lucia: Swedish Celebration and Cultural Transmission” (Ia Dübois)

Graduates with Minors

Tyler Burnett, Minor in Scandinavian Area Studies
Annika Donnen, Minor in Swedish
Jeff Lindstrom
, Minor in Swedish
Joseph Thompson
, Minor in Norwegian