Alumni 2020

Candidate for Doctor of Philosophy

Connie Amundson, Ph.C. (Professor Olivia Gunn)

Master of Arts

Essam A.B. Elkorghli, M.A., Scandinavian Area Studies “Norway’s Teacher Education and Neoliberal Globalization” (Professor Andrew Nestingen)
Bradley Harmon, M.A., Scandinavian Language and Literature “Scenes of Intracorporeality in Katarina Frostenson’s Early Poetry and Poetics: A Maternal Ecofeminist Perspective on Voice, Body, and Landscape” (Professor Amanda Doxtater)
Tiina Toomet, M.A., Scandinavian Language and Literature “Female agency and violence in Danish and Estonian Folk Ballads (Professor Marianne Stecher)
David Whitlock, M.A., Scandinavian Area Studies “Nordic Democratic Socialism” (Professor Guntis Šmidchens)

Bachelor of Arts

Elizabeth Besser, Finnish and Environmental Studies major, Scandinavian Area Studies minor “Envionmental Norms in Finland and the United States” (Lecturer Ilona Härmävaara)
Jazzmin Christman, Swedish and Biochemistry major, Scandinavian Area Studies minor “The workings of the National Nordic Museum” (Lecturer Kim Kraft)
Jandrea Grobbelaar, Norwegian major, Scandinavian Area Studies minor “Karpe Responds: Lett å være's Powerful Statement on Islamophobia in Norway” (Professor Olivia Gunn)
Taylor Halverson, Scandinavian Area Studies and Communications major, Norwegian minor “Scandinavian Sketch Comedy” (Lecturer Kim Kraft)
Jiayue Lynn Li, Danish and Communications major, Scandinavian Area Studies minor “Denmark’s Integration Dilemma and Media Effects” (Lecturer Kristian Næsby)
Elaine Rohrbough, Scandinavian Area Studies and Linguistics major, Danish minor “The Portrayal of Masculinity in the novels of Kurt Wallander” (Professor Andrew Nestingen)
Haley Taylor-Manning, Scandinavian Area Studies, Finnish, and Russian major, Baltic Studies minor “Translation of Minna Canth’s Anna Liisa” (Lecturer Ilona Härmävaara)
Iris Thatcher, Finnish and Political Science major, Scandinavian Area Studies minor “From Economic Grievances to Cultural Cleavages: Exploring Reactionary Conservatism in Finland, Scandinavia, and Europe” (Professor Andrew Nestingen)
Taylor Tran, Scandinavian Area Studies and Business Administration major, Baltic Studies and Lithuanian minor, Certificate of International Studies in Business “Denmark and Lithuania’s Utopias: Finding the Origins of Independent Republics" (Professor Guntis Šmidchens)