Alumni 2005

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Sharon Berg, "Magic in the North: Magical Realism in Contemporary Fiction" (Sjåvik)

Master of Arts (MA)

Leya Barr, Area Studies, "Like Barn Leker Best?: Nation-building, Likhet and Immigration in Norway" (Ingebritsen)

Peter Leonard, Language and Literature (Swedish), "Imagining Themselves: Voice, Text, and Reception in Anyuru, Khemiri and Wenger" (Gavel Adams)

Mall Pesti, Area Studies, Non-Thesis (Brandl)

Lola Rogers, Language and Literature (Finnish), "Early Poems of Eeva Liisa Manner in Translation" (Nestingen)

Edel Shine, Language and Literature (Norwegian), Non-Thesis (Sjåvik)

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Gloria Barbour, Area Studies. “Female Identity in Three of Ibsen’s Plays.”  (Dr. Katherine Hanson)

Kristine Bedford, Area Studies and Communications. “Swordsmen to Cross Bearers:  The Evident Hardships of Conversion.”  (Dr. Terje Leiren)

Chritopher Breed, Swedish, Microbiology and Biology. “Sweden’s Future in the Development of Stem Cell Technology.”  (Dr. Lotta Gavel Adams)

Megan Carlson, Area Studies and Speech and Hearing. “Burial Practices in Scandinavia.”  (Dr. Guntis Šmidchens)

Alexandra Celms, Area Studies. “Cinderella by Kārlis Skalbe:  A New Latvian Variant of the International Tale Type.”  (Dr. Guntis Šmidchens)

Lauren Deitz, Area Studies and Psychology.  “Anorexia in Scandinavia:  A Cultural Disease.”  (Dr. Katherine Hanson)

Kerry Doyle, Norwegian and English.  “Performing Madness:  Dostoevsky and Von Trier as Iconoclasts of Modernism/Postmodernism.”  (Dr. Andrew Nestingen)

Ingrid Hamberg, Area Studies and Business Administration.  “Bergljot Roswick:  Emigrant Folksinge –Traditions and Tradition Bearers Across Time and Space.”  (Dr. Patricia Conroy)

Kristine Heggelund, Area Studies. “Dysfunctional Marriages in the Literary Works of Ibsen Söderberg, and Ditlevsen.”  (Dr. Marianne Stecher-Hansen)

Mary Harper, Danish and European Studies. “Beyond French Impressionism:  The Skagen Painters, Their Palette, and Their Paintings.”  (Dr. Marianne Stecher-Hansen)

Whitney Jewell, Area Studies.  “Finland Finishes First:  The Search to Solve the Sex Education Debate in America.”  (Dr. Ia Dübois)

Alison Johnston, Swedish, Economics and European Studies (Department Honors in Swedish).  “The Motivations Behind the ‘No’:  A Economic Analysis of Sweden’s and Denmark’s Rejections of the EMU.”  (Dr. Christine Ingebritsen)

Meagan Lehr, Area Studies and English. “Nature and the Human Condition in Scandinavian Women’s Literature.”  (Dr. Lotta Gavel Adams)

Heidi MacBeth, Swedish. “Swedish in Finland.”  (Dr. Lotta Gavel Adams)

Amy Madden, Area Studies and English. “An Explanation of Forces Contributing to the Preservation of Finnish Culture.”  (Dr. Andrew Nestingen)

John Parker, Area Studies and Economics.  “Supplemental Word Inflection Program and Critique of Finnish Language Teaching Methods.”  (Virve Vainio)

James Pedersen, Danish and Comparative Literature (College Honors).  “Film, Finances, and State Policy: Danish Cinema in Four Key Periods.”  (Dr. Marianne Stecher-Hansen)

Kristopher Porter, Swedish.  “Nyhetsmedia in America and Sweden.”  (Dr. Ia Dübois)

Darcy Quinn, Area Studies. “The New Heritage Film in Swedish Cinema.”  (Dr. Andrew Nestingen)

Carrie Rasmussen, Area Studies and Anthropology.  “Vikings from the Muslim Point of View.”  (Dr. Terje Leiren)

Jeremiah Scheutze, Area Studies and Sociology. “Cultural, Educational and Political Influences on Contraceptive and Teenage Pregnancy Rates in Sweden and the United States.”  (Dr. Ia Dübois)

Amy Sjøberg, Area Studies.  “Painting Life Stories:  Portraits Scandinavian Women Artists in Literature and Painting at the Turn of the 19th Century.”  (Dr. Marianne Stecher-Hansen)

Nathaniel Skinner, Area Studies and Political Studies (Department Honors in Area Studies).  “Norway and the Pursuit of Sovereignty:  A Leader in Oil Resources and the Environment.”  (Dr. Christine Ingebritsen)

Emily Torstveit, Norwegian and Business Administration.  “A Discussion of Historical, Political, and Social Trends – Past, Present, and Future.”  (Dr. Katherine Hanson)

Linnea Welton, Swedish and Neurobiology. “Rinkeby Swedish:  The Origins of a New Language Variety and its Implications for Swedish Society.”  (Dr. Patricia Conroy)

Heather Wing, Norwegian and Biology. “Food Traditions in Norway and the Threat of Fast Food.”  (Dr. Terje I. Leiren)

Graduates with Minors

Lauren Berntsen, Minor in Norwegian
Alexandra Celms, Minor in Baltic Studies
John Parker
, Minor in Finnish
James Pedersen
, Minor in Area Studies
Carrie Rasmussen
, Minor in Danish